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Discover Integritas Viager

INTEGRITAS VIAGER was founded in December 2020, by an entrepreneur with more than thirty years of expertise in the world of real estate. Today, the company specializes in the field of life annuity.

The life annuity still not very widespread in France, has many advantages.

On the one hand you give meaning to your savings by buying the home of an elderly person who wishes to continue living at home and who will be able to afford an easier end of life, and on the other hand you buy his property with a discount, which will allow you to achieve a higher capital gain on resale.


The objective of the Company is to improve the purchasing power of French retirees and to encourage them to stay at home.

To highlight the interest of this mode of investment and develop it more quickly, Integritas Viager wanted to go public on the Euronext Access market. It wants to allow investors, both individuals and institutions to build up a diversified real estate portfolio over the long term while getting involved in the resolution of major societal issues.


With an important acquisition strategy throughout France, Integritas Viager significantly reduces risks and increases profits.

With its know-how, the company has thus increased its notoriety among the French. The objective is to create an intergenerational relationship, a real social project where everyone wins and participates in the success of the other.

Integritas life annuity therefore wishes to revolutionize this sector by making life annuity accessible to all.

Présentation d'affaires


The Company's strategy is to build up a real estate portfolio of property held for life. The life annuity is an interesting solution, often chosen by seniors who wish to guarantee themselves additional income until the end of their life, while remaining in their home.


But it is also a real estate investment that can be profitable for the buyer. The life annuity sale is a suitable solution for many retirees looking for additional income.

Its advantages are numerous:

• Stay at home while improving your daily life

• Obtain capital immediately on the day of signing

• Supplement your income for life thanks to an annuity received every month

• Protect your spouse thanks to the total reversion of the pension

• Reducing its property charges and taxes

• Help those close to them by anticipating their succession.

In addition to the advantages for the seller, the life-long solution is also beneficial for many players, whether they are communities, heirs or buyers.

According to the barometer of the Institut IEFV, the life annuity shows an annual profitability of between 6% and 8% over a long period, which is higher than traditional investments such as insurance. life or rental investment in the old.


The favorable context for real estate and supported by the aging of the population, make the life annuity a very profitable investment.


Buyers are increasingly attracted by this socially responsible solution, which offers an annual profitability of 6 to 8%. The life annuity is similar to a non-taxed rental investment acquired at a discount without the usual constraints of rental management, such as the risk of vacancy, non-payment of rents or even deterioration of the property.

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The founder and CEO of the company has a long career in the world of real estate investment. He has surrounded himself with a multidisciplinary team made up of experienced players in the real estate field.

Integritas Viager also relies on a network of real estate experts for the search for property to acquire in life annuity. These agencies, located in the main regions of France, offer goods to the Company according to its acquisition criteria. The Company thus benefits from national coverage of investment opportunities.



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