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Who can sell life annuity?

  • Anyone with legal capacity can sell a home as a life annuity.

  • The life annuity can be established for the benefit of several people.

  • For the sale to be valid, the future death of the annuitant must be unforeseeable. Thus, the buyer must not have been aware of a disease from which the seller was affected at the time of signing the deed of sale.

  • If the seller dies within 20 days of signing the deed of sale, then the law considers that the event was foreseeable and that the sale is not valid. The annulment of the sale can then be requested by the heirs of the annuitant before the court.

A life is a sale of a property with signing of a sales agreement for a deed at the notary. The seller must provide a complete file with surface area, asbestos, gas, electricity etc….

Here are the characteristics to sell in life annuity:

  • Be the sole owner of the property

  • Be over 60 years of age, at least

  • To be in full possession of his intellectual means.

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In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

For the seller, the life annuity is a formula that allows him to ensure a regular income until the end of his life.
If he retained ownership of his property, he would not be able to benefit from the capital he held and it would revert to his heirs. This solution is suitable for people who have no heirs, unless the seller donates the "bouquet" to his children who benefit immediately and the annuity provides an income to escape dependency.


In addition, selling in life can settle the issue of the succession and if there is no other real estate to avoid the use of a notary for the succession, which is then not mandatory. The annuity must be indexed, generally using an INSEE index on household consumption.

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