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Publisher : The Integritas Viager website is produced by Integritas Viager, whose head office is located at 8, avenue Mac Mahon, 75017 Paris, France.

Hosting : the Site is hosted on servers

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Integritas Viager strives to ensure, to the best of its ability, the accuracy and updating of the information published on this site, the content of which it reserves the right to correct at any time and without notice.

Integritas viager declines all responsibility:

- for any interruption, suspension or malfunction of the site
- occurrence of bugs
- for any inaccuracy or omission relating to the information available on the site;


In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Personal data

We take care of the protection of the personal data that you transmit to us. We invite you to consult the "Personal data" charter which describes Integritas Viager's policy in terms of personal data protection.



The site may include links to other websites or other Internet sources. Insofar as Integritas Viager cannot control these sites and these external sources, Integritas cannot be held responsible for the provision of these sites and external sources, and cannot bear any responsibility for the content, advertising, products, services. or any other material available on or from such external sites or sources.


Property rights of Integritas Viager

This entire site is covered by international legislation on copyright, trademark law and, in general, on intellectual property, both with regard to its form (choice, plan, arrangement of materials, means of access to data, database or any data organization, etc.), as regards each of the elements of its content (brands, texts, images, video, etc.). These contents, appearing on the pages of this site, are the exclusive property of Integritas Viager. The reproduction of any content published on the site is only authorized for the exclusive purposes of information for personal and private use. Any reproduction, extraction or use of content made for other purposes is expressly prohibited. As an exception, certain content (texts, images) are the property of their respective authors.

Any reproduction, representation, distribution or redistribution, in whole or in part, of the content of this site on any medium or by any process whatsoever is prohibited. Failure to comply with this prohibition constitutes an infringement liable to engage the civil and criminal liability of its author.

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