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An economic model that is weakly dependent on the economic situation


The process of acquiring goods is standardized and the stages are clearly identified. The drafting of contracts (the sales agreement and the authentic deed) is carried out by the notary, which reassures the seller and secures the proper execution of the transaction within the allotted time.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

It generally takes 3 months of research and negotiation with the seller before signing the sales agreement. Consequently, the authentic act is often formalized within an additional period of 3 months after the signing of the promise to sell.


This commonly observed three-month period takes into account in particular the two-month period during which the municipality may decide to exercise its right of pre-emption, which runs from the time when the declaration of intention to alienate has been completed by the notary and sent to the town hall. Unlike conventional real estate transactions, in the context of a life annuity acquisition, the purchaser cannot under any circumstances invoke the condition precedent provided for in article L313-41 of the Consumer Code. There is therefore no condition precedent linked to obtaining real estate financing.

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